Courier - Group Messages

Contact Groups

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Groups Contacts for sending text messages and emails.

Courier Contact Group Messages allows you to group your Contacts so that you can easily send text messages and email messages to one or more than one Group of Contacts. These Groups are the same Groups that work with your Contacts and your iPhone or iPad and will work separately from Courier to an extent once the Groups have been created and will work directly with Messages and Mail on your iPhone or iPad.

Groups View

You start in the Groups View.

You select which groups you want to send to. You may select more than one group to send to at a time.

Tap Continue Button

Tap the Continue Button to decide what to do next.

Select Next View

Select from options.

Select Instant Message

Select instant message.

Instant Message

Instant message.

Select Email

Select email.



Select Preview Instant Message Addresses

Select preview instant message addresses.

Preview Instant Message Addresses

Preview instant message addresses.

Tap IM addresses to select or deselect the ones you want to send to.

Tap Instant Message Button

Go to instant message.

Instant Message

Instant message.